So, it’s according to a new Gallup poll, released just this past Monday, that blacks feel more mistreated while shopping in a store, at a restaurant, bar, or theater than by police.  Imagine that.  Now why do you suppose they might be made to feel that way?  Might it be because more often than not it’s a black youth running from a store with something that doesn’t belong to them?  Or that when I do chose to go out to a movie, it’s usually some black punk talking on his phone as if he, or she, is the only one in the theater.  And have you ever seen blacks in a restaurant?  My wife and I jokingly refer to it as ‘Menu Class’ because everything has to be thoroughly explained to them, and then usually everything still ends up going back 2 or 3 times in, what would at least appear to be, an attempt to get a free meal.

Now granted, not all blacks behave in the manner that I outlined above, but a great many do.  And those who do not are, unfortunately, made to suffer a little guilt by association.  To them I say, “That’s life, get over it.”  Anyway, it was according to this poll that 18 percent of blacks said they felt like they were treated unfairly because they were black “in dealings with the police, such as traffic incidents.” However, 24 percent reported discrimination in a store where they were shopping, and 20 percent felt that way “at a restaurant, bar, theater or other entertainment place.”  Putting myself in the position of a business owner, I’d tell these folks that perhaps if more blacks chose to act like adults and not like spoiled children with a sense of entitlement, blacks might begin to be viewed differently in such venues.

And it was also in this very same poll that 18 percent of blacks surveyed felt they were treated unfairly at their “place of work,” which was the same percentage as those who felt discriminated against by police.  Meanwhile, 12 percent felt they were treated unfairly because they were black “while getting health care” for themselves or a family member.  The issue of being treated unfairly when receiving healthcare or in their place of work, I have a hard time buying.  Because I’ll tell ya, the blacks that I’m around during the work day tend to be able to get away with murder.  They play with their phones, compare baby videos, talk about what they did over the weekend, or do just about anything but what they’re actually getting paid to do.  And rarely if ever is anything said to them, usually out of fear of being accused of racism.

Also, according to this poll, younger blacks were more likely to report discrimination than are older blacks.  Among blacks aged 8-49, 21 percent responded that they felt discriminated against because of their race while dealing with police, compared to 13 percent of those over 50. (Excuse me, but why do we really care about what an 8 year old has to say?)  Furthermore, 23 percent of men compared to 13 percent of women reported such discrimination by police.  Among respondents under 50, 29 percent of black respondents felt discriminated against while shopping, while only 18 percent felt that way while shopping. Furthermore, 26 percent of men and 23 percent of women felt they were treated differently because they were black while shopping.  Now if they are treated differently, I think there’s a rational explanation for it.

Also among young blacks, 23 percent reported discrimination while at a restaurant, bar, or theater, compared to 15 percent of blacks 50 and up. Meanwhile, 20 percent of men and 19 percent of women felt discrimination in the same setting.  In the workplace, 21 percent of younger blacks experienced discrimination, the study found, compared to 13 percent of blacks 50 and over. More women, however, reported discrimination based on race in the workplace (18 percent), compared to 16 percent of men, who reported experiencing the same thing.  But I’d be very curious to know what exactly it is that they base this sense of racism on.  I mean, is it simply because they didn’t get the raise or promotion they thought they were ‘entitled’ to?  Or does it go deeper than that?

Also, 10 percent of younger blacks reported being treated differently because of their race while getting health care for themselves or a family member, while more blacks 50 and older (14 percent) felt discrimination while doing the same. Among men, 13 percent compared to 11 percent of women felt they were treated differently while getting health care for themselves or a family member.  Meanwhile, 88 percent of blacks reported satisfaction with their lives, while only 87 percent of whites felt that way, the poll revealed. Such was not the case, however in 2013 when 89 percent of whites reported greater satisfaction with their lives than blacks, who had an 87 percent approval at the time.

The survey said, “Blacks’ satisfaction with their lives is now higher by one percentage point than at any time over the past 14 years and well above the low point of 80% measured in 2008. On the other hand, whites’ personal satisfaction is now essentially tied with its lowest point.”  And it added, “Blacks’ reports of satisfaction with the way their daily lives are going is at its all-time high point, providing additional evidence that U.S. blacks’ views of their general life conditions have not recently deteriorated.”  Personally, I have a hard time trying to figure out what it is that blacks have to be so unhappy about.  Life is made so easy for them, and they have a built in excuse when it comes to failure.  That being, or course, the world is against them because they are black.

As I have said before, on more than one occasion, when I come back in my next life, it is my intent to come back, black.  Because how nice must it be to feel to feel justified in living off your fellow Americans or to get a tax ‘refund’ every year even though you’re not made to actually pay any amount in federal income taxes.  And being black would also entitle me to a free education, be guaranteed to graduate, and to then get a high dollar job, usually with the government, be it local, state or federal, or with the local school district.  And while it would likely be a job for which I would be nowhere near qualified, that would matter very little because I’m black and would likely be needed to fill some quota.  And I wouldn’t be able to be fired also because I’m black.  I mean, where else can you get a deal like that?

And I wish I could have some level of sympathy for blacks, but I just can’t. And let’s be honest, here, the major issues that many in the black community are forced to contend with on a daily basis, such as, the number of black males in prison, the number of unwed mothers and the number of blacks in poverty, the number unemployed are all pretty much self-inflicted problems.  Meaning, of course, that they have brought this all on themselves by choosing, consistently, to vote for the very people who have essentially made sure that blacks would never be able to get ahead.  The black family has been decimated, and with it went the opportunity for more blacks to enjoy what used to be, pre-Obama, the American dream.  They’ve repeatedly been played for saps, and show no interest in changing things.


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