Hitlery 80

It just never fails, just when I think that the Democrats have set an all new standard for absolute depravity, damn if they don’t do something to set the bar even lower.  And usually in what is a very big way.  Take for instance the disgusting videos involving the goings on over at Planned Parenthood, a favorite Democrat organization.  In choosing to respond to the disgusting practices taking place at this organization, what is it that’s the very first thing that Democrats do?  Is it to join in the outcry? Nope, it’s to attack those who are bringing these practices to light.  And by so doing Democrats have once again demonstrated to us how low they are willing to go.

‘Dingy Harry’ Reid is the perfect example of what today’s Democrat Party has allowed itself to become.  It was shortly before the failed attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, which fell just seven votes short, that this pathetic waste of skin said, “The Planned Parenthood bill isn’t going anywhere in the Senate.”  Such a statement should make it abundantly clear to anyone with even an ounce of morality just how much of a sick, twisted fuck this leader of Senate Democrats really is.  And it should also be very clear that the Democrat Party is today nothing more than an odd assortment of some of the most despicable and vile individuals on the planet.

And it was in a speech from the Senate floor that ‘Dingy’ would be heard to say, “Senate Republicans are not being fair to American women.”  And then he went on to say, “It’s our responsibility in the Senate to assure that American women have access to care.  It’s our obligation to protect our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters — protect them from the absurd policies of a Republican Party that’s lost its moral compass.”  So how is it that the Republican Party can now be said to be the political party devoid of a moral compass?  Is it the Republican Party that is so enthusiastically supporting that which is nothing more than infanticide?

So it was then on this past Tuesday the pro-life group behind these undercover videos released yet another one.  This one showed Planned Parenthood’s director of research discussing the transfer of “intact fetal cadavers” to people posing as potential buyers of such things.  The research director says intact fetal cadavers are part of the budget — “just a matter of line items.”  What kind of person is it that can bring themselves to talk about dead babies in such a cold and matter-of-fact way?  I mean talk about someone sorely lacking a moral compass.  How is it that we could have ever allowed ourselves to have arrived at a place where such an evil thing is even possible?

This most recent video, likely considered by many to be the most gruesome one yet, actually shows Planned Parenthood personnel going through bloody baby body parts in the pathology laboratory to find organs of interest to the “buyer.”  One of these ‘buyers’ then asks, “Are there any fresh specimens from today that we can still look at?”  A lab worker, laughing, says “You’re not going to see nothing intact today,” referring to the aborted babies. “We had a really long day, and they’re all mixed up together in a bag.”  How are these people able to look themselves in the mirror after having done the things that they have done?  What kind of a monster must one be?

The video shows them going through body parts in a dish.  One of the lab workers says the most advanced pregnancy aborted on that particular day was 20 weeks’ gestational age.  But the director of research told the “buyers” there are least six abortionists who do second-trimester abortions, and she said some of those doctors also “have projects and they’re collecting the specimens and they do it in a way that they get the best specimens.”  There is simply no way that those involved in such sadistic activity should ever be referred to as being ‘doctors’ anymore than Josef Mengele was a ‘doctor.’  These individuals are nothing more than butchers.

What have we allowed our country to become?  And how can anyone accept such ghoulishness as being acceptable behavior.  Is this what it means to be ‘progressive?’  If so, you can count me out!  And I’ll tell you something else, anyone who can bring themselves to vote for ANY so-called progressives simply has no soul.  Because they have made a conscious decision to simply look the other way and for no other reason than because the political party that sees no problem with this, is the same party that serves as their never-ending meal ticket.  They are content to sacrifice the lives of millions of babies one what has become the altar of liberalism.

I simply don’t understand how it is that anyone, even a Democrat, can justify the mutilation of a human fetus.  When we should be focused on defending the most defenseless among us, we seem to be doing just the opposite by coming up with ever more efficient ways of committing some of the most heinous acts imaginable and all under the banner of women’s health.  Are we really that gullible?  Or are we simply willing to go along with pretty much anything as long as it has no impact on us.  But you see, it does have an impact on us.  Because by choosing to stand idly by and do nothing we doom ourselves to a future so dark that we may never find our way back.


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