If anyone had any doubts about whether or not Barry “Almighty”, our community agitator of a president and John Kerry-Heinz, his trusty sidekick when it comes to how best to fuck up the nation’s foreign policy, were anything other than a couple of useless traitors, their willingness to bring about, and at any cost, this recently concluded nuke deal with Iran, should have removed any and all doubt.  These two have now shown themselves to be exactly what many of us have suspected all along, traitorous scum.

And by golly nothing was spared, no stone was left unturned, in the effort to make sure that Barry got himself a deal.  The only thing is, it’s a deal far worse than any of us could have ever possibly imagined. It’s a deal that gives the Iranian terrorist regime $140 Billion in return for, well, effectively for nothing. No dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear program, no anytime/anywhere inspections, no curbs on Iran’s ballistic missile program, no maintenance of the arms embargo, no halt to Iran’s sponsorship of terror.  What a deal!

Now while it’s obviously a very good deal for the Iranian regime, it’s a very bad deal for America. So Congress should, but doubtfully will, rise to the occasion and squash this thing. Congress should engage in a full and comprehensive debate; Congress should then pass a resolution of disapproval; Congress should then override Barry “Almighty’s” veto, and return America’s Iran policy to dealing from a position of strength rather than supplication.  But I’m not holding my breath that Congress will act.

If Republicans, as well as few Democrats, were to finally get a spine and this were to actually happen, historians will look back and say July 14, 2015, was the bottom, from which America went on to recover.  If Congress cannot, or refuses to even make an attempt to, override Barry’s veto, the recovery will have to begin a year and a half from now, but from a much deeper hole, a worse position for America, the Middle East, and the world.  Either way, this deal cannot, it must not, be allowed stand.

The deal that Barry had John Kerry-Heinz cut yesterday with the Iranian terrorist regime signals once and for all that Barry considers both the United States and Israel to be the key threats to peace in the world.  So apparently he is determined in his efforts, and quite prepared, to usher in a new, and far more dangerous threat, that being the threat posed by a country run by a cadre of Islamic nutjobs.  This goes beyond simply being reckless, there was a very dark purpose in Barry’s rationale for making this deal.

Barry’s statements today about the strength of this deal carry no weight, given that he has coordinated with the Iranian regime, which is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans over the past few years, in Iraq, has allowed them to prop up Bashar Assad in Syria, has allowed them to continue their subjugation of Lebanon, watched in silence as they flexed their muscle in Yemen, and attempted to cut off weapons shipments to Israel in the midst of its war with Iranian proxy terror group Hamas.

Barry wants Iran to be a regional power, because he fears Israel more than he fears Iran. The same day that Barry announced his deal, “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted, “To our neighbours: Do not be deceived by the propaganda of the warmongering Zionist regime. Iran and its power will translate into your power.”  And Barry is counting on it.  Barry had but one motivation in this deal: he believes that any Western attempt to stop Iran’s nuclear development with force is more dangerous and less moral than Iran’s elevated terror support and even its eventual nuclear development.

America and the West, in Barry’s rather warped global worldview, are so dangerous that he wouldn’t even make minor requests of Iran, such as releasing American prisoners, if that meant the minute possibility of actual Western action on the horizon. Obama doesn’t care if Iran is lying. To him, that risk is acceptable when compared with the certainty of Western action, no matter how constrained, against Iran.  The deal explicitly acknowledges that Iran is gaining benefits no other state would gain under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

So here’s what happens next in the region.  Israel Waits. The chances of an Israeli strike on Iran are now somewhere between slim and none. Barry’s deal prevents Israel from taking action without risking sanctions from the European Union and the United States for endangering this sham deal.  Nothing would make Barry happier than to levy sanctions against the Jewish State, and should Israel act in its own interests, undercutting Barry’s Epitaph Achievement, Barry can be counted upon to react harshly.

Israel will likely be busy enough handling all the Iranian proxies on its borders who will now see cash and resources flow to them, all sponsored by the West.  Iran has the largest active military in the Middle East, along with its massive paramilitary terror groups. They’ve built that in the midst of heavy sanctions. With Iran getting active on the borders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, those regimes would be foolhardy not to attempt to develop a nuclear capacity, especially given that Barry has shown there are no detriments to doing so.

Barry’s defenders, of which there are many, ask his detractors, “If the deal works, isn’t it a good deal?”  Sure. If the Munich Agreement had worked, it would have been a masterpiece of diplomacy.  But promising a unicorn in a diplomatic negotiation isn’t quite the same thing as delivering one. And delivering billions of dollars, international legitimacy, and a protective shield around a terrorist regime in exchange for that unicorn makes you either a fool or an active perpetuator of that terrorist regime.

Many of those who voted for Barry, and who are today heralding his prowess as being some kind of a foreign policy genius, at least regarding this dangerous deal with Iran, likely will not live long enough to see the kind of future that their children and grandchildren have been relegated to courtesy of their hero, Barry “Almighty”.  A future that has now been made a great deal more dangerous.  But, I suppose, some will live to see the result of their handiwork and I can only hope that it was worth it to them.

But I doubt that any of it will have much of an impact on those who have come to truly hate this country.  And the reason I say that is because it’s a sad fact that many of those who voted for Barry are now planning to turn right around and vote for Hitlery Clinton.  And let’s not forget that it was Hitlery who Kerry-Heinz replaced as administrator of Barry’s so-called foreign policy and how it was that things have now been made to go from what we thought was as bad as things could get, to even worse than we could ever have imagined.


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