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I may be a bit bias in my opinion here, but I would argue that most conservatives have only the best interest of all American’s at heart.  While at the same time it becomes a bit more obvious, with each passing day, that the entire Democrat elected body, as well as the leadership of the Republican Establishment, have now officially sold out American’s interest in freedom as well as the strategically positioning of our nation for continued peace and prosperity.  They tell us one thing while in front of the cameras, but once behind closed doors they have very little trouble throwing us under the bus.

No one should be foolish enough to believe any of the hype heard coming from the Republican Party leadership.  Most American’s, myself included, simply want everyone to be self-reliant and to at least be provided with the opportunity to make their own way in life.  It’s in American’s self-interest for that to happen.  However, it is not in the interest of Democrat politicians for that to happen, nor is it in the interest of Republican leadership. Those politicians need to increase the numbers of those enslaved by the government in order to perpetuate their continued rule over us.

Which brings me to Hank Johnson, that prize winning Democrat dipshit from the great state of Georgia.  You see, it was our old buddy Hank that was recently heard to say, “I believe it’s a culture that enables or says it’s okay for law enforcement officers to shoot to kill blacks.”  Johnson made his very idiotic comment during an appearance during something called the ‘So That Happened’ podcast just last week, when he was asked about cultural problems on police forces.  I can only assume that the district which Hank represents must be home to some spectacularly ignorant individuals.

Hank went on to say, “I believe it’s a culture that enables or says it’s okay for law enforcement officers to shoot to kill blacks be they male or female, Hispanics, to use excessive force. Yes, I do think it’s a cultural issue within certain departments.”  And he added, “Certain departments have a documented history of using excessive force and that’s evidenced by the United States Department of Justice having investigated and found that to be the case, with, I think around 20 law enforcement agencies around the nation.”  I don’t think I’d rely on this Justice Department for accurate numbers.

Johnson says that’s a small number because budget cuts have impaired the oversight ability of the Justice Department.  He said, “Without the resources to be able to investigate and conduct oversight of police departments we’ve seen a proliferation of misconduct.”  What we have is a Justice Department that can now be said to have gone totally rogue together with a black population that has little or no respect for authority.  I would suggest that perhaps if police were to simply stop venturing into black neighborhoods, blacks might at last begin to get with the program.

Mr. Johnson should really do the math here, however difficult that may be for him due to his rather limited intelligence.  For instance, Hank needs to review how many blacks are killed by law enforcement in a year compared to the number of black lives taken by other blacks that occur in that same span of time. The race hustlers, and we all know who they are so there’s really no point to keep mentioning their names, want to keep the focus away from what has become a highly dysfunctional black community by making law enforcement appear to be the real issue.

But frankly, I’d be more than just a little curious to know what Johnson, who is a pretty hardcore progressive, might have expected to see happen once the left was able to successfully remove God from our schools and is also now well on its way to thoroughly remove God from the culture.  You know, I’m always being told about how religious blacks are supposed to be and yet it’s these very same supposed ‘religious’ people who seem to have no problem with voting for politicians like this anti-religion dolt, Johnson.  And does Johnson even think police should be obeyed by blacks.

And perhaps old Hank should demonstrate a willingness to look a bit closer into the hip hop culture that endorses killing cops and bangin’ hoes and the likes. There’s your breakdown, Hank. Parents have a hard time competing with what these kids think these days is “Cool”… Yeah, they’ll be cool on the coroner’s table by the time they’re 18.  And has Mr. Johnson ever considered the fact that black miscreants have absolutely no respect for the law or the police?  Instead of crying like a little girl, maybe he should, instead, tell his people to obey the law and respect the police.

The bottom line here is that liberalism/progressivism is a moral manipulation that exaggerates inequity and unfairness in American life in order to justify overreaching public policies and programs. Liberalism undermines the spirit of self-help and individual responsibility.  And it does so with a very specific goal, and purpose in mind.  For liberalism to be able to move forward people must be convinced that they are unable to succeed on their own without all manner of government assistance.  And the numbers show that liberalism is now winning and in a very big way.


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