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Recently old Chuckie Schumer, Democrat from New York, might have tipped his hand a bit when he said that if Hitlery Clinton does in fact win the presidential election and the Democrats are able to regain control of the Senate next year, there would be a very real possibility that the government could act to place a tax on carbon emissions.  A tax that would, in fact, have some pretty dire consequences for the vast majority of Americans.  But Hell, the way things have been going so far this year, why shouldn’t we expect that the very same thing could happen if it’s the Republicans who win the White House and are able, however unlikely, to maintain control of Congress?

But anyway, it was during gathering billed as being an environmental event this past week that Chuckie, in talking about what may lay ahead after the next election, was heard to say, “If Hillary wins and we take back the Senate, I believe many of our Republican friends will say we’ve been starving the government for revenues, but many of them will not be for raising rates.”  What exactly does he mean when he says, starving the government for revenues?  We are now in a time where the federal government is robbing from the citizenry more than it ever has before in the way of record tax revenue while printing money at a feverish pace.  And it’s still not enough?

And I assume Chuckie must feel quite confident in making such a declaration, apparently feeling that those folks who typically vote for Democrats won’t mind in the least if their utility bills are made to skyrocket, at least as long as their taxpayer funded checks keeps coming.  Let’s face it, such is the mentality of those who vote for Democrats like Schumer.  And Chuckie even said that some oil and gas companies have expressed at least an interest in enacting a carbon tax before saying, “I think in 2017 people of both parties might come to that as the best way to fund the government.”  Both parties?  He must be talking about the Democrats and the RINOs.

It was Sheldon Whitehouse, another scumbag Democrat, who hosted the event at which Schumer was heard to lay out just part of a Democrat plan, the purpose of which would appear to be to drive this country even further into the economic ditch than Barry has already succeeded in doing.  Two weeks ago it was Whitehouse and some other Democrat loser by the name of Brian who unveiled a carbon tax proposal at the ‘right-leaning’ American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Look, this organization can call itself center-right if it so chooses.  But anyone who would go along with such an obvious socialist idea is definitely not center-right, it’s hardcore to the left.

Whitehouse said, “This bill shows that acting on climate change need not be costly, and that protecting our environment and strengthening our economy can go hand in hand.”  This lying sack of shit went on to say, “As Republicans increasingly shift away from climate denial and toward potential solutions, I hope this bill can help move the conversation. A carbon fee follows conservative free-market principles in driving emission reductions and generates big economic benefits for American families and businesses.”  Economic benefits?  This is an economy killer as well as something that places yet another burden on American families when it comes to energy costs.

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece goes into more detail about Chuckie’s thoughts on a carbon tax, which, while it would, theoretically, help keep the government funded in a way that would make fossil fuel energy far more expensive, it would also hit the majority of the American people like a proverbial ‘Mack’ truck.  At a time when Americans are already being hit with all manner of increasing expenses, Chuckie’s plan is one that many Americans simply would not be able to keep up with, financially.  We are literally surrounded by examples, in the form of our cities, of what happens when liberals are put completely in charge, and yet we vote for them.

It’s the Journal’s opinion piece that says, “It’s amusing that Sen. Schumer thinks a federal government that spends nearly $4 trillion and 21% of national output a year is ‘starving’ for anything.”  And it goes on to say, “But then he knows that entitlements continue to grow unchecked and spending for Obamacare is just getting started. The political pattern pre-Reagan had been that Democratic Presidents pass new entitlements and then Republicans would feel obliged to pay for them. Perhaps he figures Republicans will fall for that again.”  And why shouldn’t he?  What has transpired since the last election that would indicate anything different?  Nothing!

And with ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid now set to retire at the end of next year, after having done just about as much damage as any one man can possibly do, it’s now his old buddy Chuckie Schumer who is now next in line to fill his shoes as Senate Minority Leader or, God forbid, the Majority Leader, should the Democrats succeed in regaining control of the chamber.  And that should send a cold chill down the spine of every single patriotic American, as should the thought of Hitlery Clinton sitting in the Oval Office.  The end is getting ever nearer folks, make no mistake, that light at the end of the tunnel is nothing more than a train headed straight for us.

While the plan that these Democrats seem to be so much in favor of would in all likelihood be a boon for the government’s coffers, it would be absolutely devastating to average Americans who, besides having to now pay far more for their healthcare, would also now, again courtesy of the Democrat Party, be faced with the skyrocketing cost for simply heating and cooling their homes or even driving their cars.  This is madness!  And for what?  Well, it would be for the very simply reason of making it possible for Democrats to continue with their plan of getting even more people dependent on government in an effort to create even more Democrat voters?

And I’m quite sure that we will, as we usually are, be talked down to as if we are nothing more than children as we are told once again that the fact the government is taking even more money from our collective pockets, is really all for our own good.  Because, after all, it’s the government that’s fighting ‘climate change’ which, again according to that same government, is the greatest threat yet to be faced by our children.  But oddly enough it’s a threat that really only seems to exist in the rather demented minds of those on the left.  And if Chuckie’s plan does become a reality it’s simply another example of our government being allowed to run amuck!

And as just a little side note here, if we do permit Hitlery to become president, while at the same time also failing to replace those that comprise what has become a rather substantial, and growing, number of faux conservatives in Congress, than where this country ultimately ends up will be totally on us.  For instance, we need to find out who it was that voted for what without knowing, or caring, what it was that they were voting for, and get rid of them.  And we’re going to need to look long and hard at just how we’re going to deal with these continuing un-Constitutional decisions by the Supreme Court.  We are the last line of defense against this liberal lunacy.

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