I would argue that our country, today, can said be on what is a continuing downslide that is most definitely tilting to the left.  And after nearly seven years of having had Barry in the White House I think we can all agree that the rate of speed at which that slide is now occurring can be said to have very noticeably accelerated.  And, I’m afraid, I feel confident in saying that that trend is very much likely to continue until such time as there are more Americans who would rather work than live off the government.  And frankly I don’t see that trend reversing itself anytime soon.

Practically since day one of Barry’s presidency we have heard from many in the Democrat Party about how it is that Americans shouldn’t be force to work if they choose not to.  And, again, it has been over the past few years that we have seen a growing number of Americans having come to the conclusion that work is something that they simply don’t feel the need for anymore.  And with it now having been made so easily to claim all manner of condition as some sort of disability, many have now come to see that as being their primary route for exiting the workforce.

Today in America there are over 10 Million fewer people in the nation’s workforce than there was on the day that Barry assumed office.  And we also now have over 100 Million Americans who are on some form of disability, nearly 50 Million on food stamps, over 10 million more than when Barry took office, and 100 Million Americans who are on some form of taxpayer funded government program.  And wages for those who do still working have now essentially been in freefall for nearly the entire Barry presidency.  Liberal/progressive policies have proven to be a failure on all fronts.

And despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing positive one can point to that has resulted from these leftist policies, many Americans continue to support both the policies, as well as the politicians who vote to continue them.  The very same politicians who continue to dream up new and improved ways of making it all the more easy for more Americans to latch themselves very firmly onto the government teat.  Democrats are working to get more people addicted to government because those folks are more likely to vote Democrat, and many Americans seem happy to help.


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