So far it would seem that at this point in the electoral process we have yet to see an actual Democrat announce they are a candidate for president in 2016.  Because thus far, whether you’re talking about Hitlery Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Marty O’Malley all we seem to have ‘running’ would those who can very easily be referred to as being, in the worst case, communist and in the best case, socialists.  So this is what the modern day Democrat Party has now morphed into, that which would at least appear to be not much more than a thinly disguised version of the Communist Party.

Now we know that we now have a communist mayor in New York City.  So does that give us some indication that the American people may now be ready to elect as their president a candidate who essentially espouses, and very openly, the ‘Communist Manifesto’?   The rhetoric from those who call themselves ‘Democrat’ has for decades sounded eerily similar to the words of Marx and Engels but it would seem that these days these two are being quoted nearly verbatim. If you listen to the rhetoric coming from these candidates you’d have to think you were someplace other than America.

But sadly such is not the case.  America has been on a trek to the left essentially since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, if not before.  There have been a few speed bumps along the way, but far too few to be of any consequence.  And with the election of Barry “Almighty” and with the American people having now been officially thrown under the bus by the Republican Party, that move to the left has rapidly accelerated!  And those who operate under the banner of the Democrat Party use rhetoric designed to further divide and to set the American people fighting with one another.

Because you see, when Americans are fighting with one another, they’re not paying attention to what those for whom they voted for are really up to.  Not that most Americans are known for paying that much attention in the first place, but that’s apparently not good enough for these ‘Democrats’.  Meanwhile, our children are being robbed of their futures and what are we, their parents doing about it?  Are we taking to the streets and demanding a return to responsible government?  Nope!  Most of us are doing little more than sitting our hands, waiting for our next government check.



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