Hitlery 58

Now if one were to be willing to look objectively at where our country is today, which it would seem far too few are willing to do, one would quickly come to the conclusion that there are any number of very obvious reasons why Hitlery Clinton should be forever disqualified from running for president.  Or for that matter, even dog catcher.  Any one of the many items on what has become Hitlery’s rather impressive list of disqualifiers could, and would, be used by Democrats to prevent any Republican from ever having the opportunity to become president.  But the length of the list notwithstanding, there would seem to be nothing yet considered as being serious enough to derail Hitlery’s chances of becoming her party’s 2016 nominee for president.  What follows next is but a very brief summary of those items which, unless you border on being completely brain dead, would seem to be sufficient to prevent Hitlery from being able to seek office she so desperately wants.

First on our list is the rather shady operation referred to as the Clinton Foundation.  Founded in 2001, The Clinton Foundation and renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation in 2013.  And it is this supposed ‘philanthropic’ concern that has now become somewhat of a liability for Hitlery in that there seems to be more than a few rather questionable ‘transactions’.  One of which would be that while serving as secretary of state, Hitlery was lobbied by human rights groups and union leaders to address the Colombian government’s abuse of striking oil workers.  At the same time, the oil company in question, Pacific Rubiales, was promising millions to the Clinton Foundation.  The result?  Hitlery’s State Department wound up publicly hailing Colombia’s commitment to human rights reform, and that statement allowed the United States to continue funding the Colombian military.  And oddly enough, today that the founder of Pacific Rubiales is a board member of the Clinton Foundation.

And then there are the questions regarding a major phosphate company owned by the Moroccan government.  That would be the very same company that recently pledged at least $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.  In 2011, Hitlery’s State Department assailed Morocco as being a corrupt state guilty of “arbitrary arrests and corruption in all branches of government.”  Women in Morocco are still subjugated by Islamic rule and yet, just last September, Hitlery’s public stance on the government seemed to have changed.  She called it, “A vital hub for economic and cultural exchange,” one that was “in the midst of dramatic changes.”  Now we are told that the foundation had supposedly stopped accepting money from foreign governments in 2009, when Hitlery became secretary of state. When she resigned in 2013, the foundation changed this policy, and it has since taken money, by the truck load, from such countries as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Now there has recently been much talk about Hitlery’s supposed impressive resume, and about she is the most qualified individual to ever run for president.  Now obviously that’s overstating things quite a bit, but understand the primary source for much of this talk comes from fellow progressives.  But if you’re willing to spend the time, it’s upon closer inspection of that that much lauded resume quickly becomes far less than impressive and even borders on being rather mediocre at best.  Look, we all know that Hitlery served as US senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, but few, I would guess, realize that her ‘accomplishments’ go well beyond being more than a little on the thin side.  The fact is that not a single piece of legislation, of any significance, bears her name. Her tenure came to be defined in the 2008 presidential primaries by her vote for the war in Iraq — which Barry “Almighty”, who had opposed the war, used to chip away at her foreign policy bona fides.

And then there is that time Hitlery spent as secretary of state.  Her accomplishments as secretary of state aren’t exactly legendary by any means.  Granted, she did travel to over 100 countries, but that’s really not an accomplishment.  And again, as with her time as a senator, she has nothing of consequence to her name after having made all of those visits.  There were no peace treaties signed, no accords agreed to, nor summits of any consequence.  Now her defenders will say that she helped restore America’s reputation in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; critics say she was too afraid to make a mistake that would affect her presidential run in 2016.  When asked in 2014 by Diane Sawyer to name her greatest achievement or “signature doctrine,” Hillary could not.  She said, “We haven’t had a doctrine since containment worked with the Soviet Union, but we’ve had presidents who’ve made some tough calls and some hard choices, some of which have worked, and some of which have not.”

Then, of course, there is what has been the decades-long history where there has been virtually every possible manner of financial chicanery being perpetrated on the part of the Clintons.  Without ever actually breaking any laws, or at least as far is anyone can tell or is willing to admit to, the Clintons have long appeared to be reaping staggering amounts of ill-gotten gains.  For instance, right before ‘Slick Willie’ was elected governor of Arkansas, family friend James Blair, who also worked as a lawyer for Tyson Foods, helped Hitlery turn $12,000 worth of stock, Hitlery only had $1,000 in her account at the time, into a near-immediate $100,000 profit.  She chose not to disclose that little tidbit of information until her husband’s second year in office.  You see, because like most Democrats, the rules that the rest of us must obey or face some pretty significant consequences are not intended for the Clintons.  They simply see themselves as being so very far above all that petty nonsense.

And it was during ‘Slick Willie’s’ first run for president, back in 1992, that the Whitewater scandal first surfaced.  In the 1970s and ’80s, the Clintons and their friends Jim and Susan McDougal had invested in the Whitewater Development Corp.; it was alleged that ‘Slick Willie’, as governor, had pressured a local S&L to loan Susan McDougal $300,000 for real estate investments with the company, and that transactions between an Arkansas bank and ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton had been concealed.  Neither Clinton was ever charged, although both McDougals and Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, who served as governor after ‘Slick Willie’, were convicted of fraud.  So once again we see how it is that Hitlery and her rapist husband seem to be above the law and are never made to face the same consequences that any of us would be made to face.

And after watching her for the last 20+ years Hitlery has demonstrated time and again that she has little competition when it comes to her possessing a rather spectacular level of greed.  And what I view as being more than just a little ironic is how it is that Hitlery continues the attempt to portray herself as somehow being the champion of the middle class.  And it’s all nothing more than a complete farce.  Anyone who can take that claim as having any basis in truth, is nothing short of a complete imbecile.  Because it was in 2014, that it was revealed that Clinton, who charges a minimum of $300,000 per speech, also had an extensive list of demands.  Most anyone who hires Hitlery to speak must also provide her with a private jet — a $39 million Gulfstream G450 or better — and put her up in presidential suites.  Her standard agreement requires her presence for only 90 minutes, and 50 photos with 100 attendees — no more.

Hitlery has defended her enormous speaking fees by actually claiming, and with a straight face no less, that she and ‘Slick Willie’ were “not only dead broke, but in debt” when they left the White House.  And yet, in 1999, ‘Slick Willie’ and Hitlery managed to buy their house in Chappaqua for $1.7 million, and in 2000 purchased a seven-bedroom in Washington, DC, for $2.85 million. Hitlery’s Senate financial disclosure form that year listed their assets at $1.8 million. In Clintonian fashion, Hitlery backed off the “dead broke” statement, sort of. She said, “I regret it. It was inartful.”  She added, “But it was accurate.”  Now I don’t know about you, but it would seem to me that Hitlery’s definition of being ‘dead broke’ must be more than a bit different from the generally accepted definition.  When I’m dead broke I can’t pay my utility bill let alone go out and buy a house.

And then, of course, there were all those many other women.  One of the great lessons of 2008, say Hitlery’s aides, is that she has learned to run toward history, not from it: Instead of downplaying her gender, she’ll amplify it, running not just as the potential first female president but as a proud feminist. If so, she may create a new problem for herself: How to explain her decades-long defense of her womanizing husband — a philanderer at best, a predator, or even rapist, at worst?  But hey, that was all a false narrative created by that mysterious vast right-wing conspiracy, remember?  In 2014, the papers of Hitlery’s late friend Diane Blair were made public; in them, Blair wrote that Hitlery dismissed Monica Lewinksy, then a 22-year-old White House intern, as a “narcissistic loony-toon” and insisted that ‘Slick Willie’ had not abused his power.  There’s a narcissistic loony-toon here, but it ain’t Ms. Lewinsky.

As for Bill’s many other women — including Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, who alleged sexual harassment, and Juanita Broaddrick, who accused him of rape — the Clintons often embarked on a “nuts and sluts” campaign, denigrating the accusers. According to Carl Bernstein’s “A Woman in Charge,” Hillary called ‘Slick Willie’s’ longtime mistress Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash”; she also encouraged his team to get signed statements from all of ‘Slick Willie’s’ many other women, swearing they’d never had sex with him. Willey later said that Hillary spearheaded a “terror campaign” against her. “She is the war on women, as far as I’m concerned,” Willey said.

And last, but hardly least, are Hitlery’s many ‘secret’ emails.  In March, we learned that during her four-year stint as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton conducted all business — political, public and private — solely through her personal email account, on a server in her house. When asked why she didn’t use two emails, one for official business and one for personal use, Hillary said: “I thought it would be easier to just carry one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two.”  Then an email surfaced that was sent from her iPad, undermining that excuse.  In a press conference to address the controversy, Hitlery answered questions with all-too-familiar arrogance, contempt and incredulity that her word should be questioned.  One Democrat said, “She came off as defensive and artificially put-off.”  Yet another said, “I’m a huge Hillary Clinton fan.  But after that press conference, I do have major concerns about her ability as a campaigner and to get elected.”

Look folks, let’s face it.  The reality of it is that Hitlery could be found guilty of murder and the vast majority of Democrats could still find in their heart to vote for her.  Because with Democrats it’s never about the country, it’s only, and always, about them.  And in that regard Hitlery, I suppose, just like with Barry before her, is the ideal Democrat candidate because, to be perfectly honest and more than a little blunt, Hitlery is all about Hitlery.  Democrats don’t seem to put the same level of importance on being free that the rest of us do.  And Democrats have little or no trouble relinquishing their freedom to the government as long as there’s a check in it for them.  After all, no one is making them work, all they have to do is to become a little more dependent on government, and therefore a little less free.  And really, what’s the harm in that?  Well I’ll tell ya what the harm is, it’s that I become a little less free in the process!

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