Slick 08

Ex-president ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton, one of only two president to ever be impeached, both of whom were Democrats, has been operating at his smarmy best of late in trying to dismiss the notion that donors to the Clinton Foundation somehow got special treatment during Hitlery’s tenure as Secretary of State.  The ‘Slick-meister’ has said that he believes such allegations are driven solely by political motives.  Normally I’d say that old ‘Slick’ probably knows a thing or two about such motives.  But in this particular instance, I think his claim is more than a little off the mark.

It was just this week, while in Denver attending something billed as a Clinton Global Initiative event, that old ‘Slick Willie’ was heard to say, “Nobody even suggested it or thought about it or talked about it until the political season began, and somebody said, ‘Well, what about this?'”  ‘Slick’ went on to claim that he hadn’t been asked for anything by any donors and he doesn’t know if any companies were seeking influence from his wife’s position on ‘Team Obama’.  Such an idiotic statement would be funny if didn’t involve she who may yet become the next president.  But it does!

Now while political opponents and investigative journalists have yet to uncover any specific wrongdoing on the part of this dynamic, and very shady, duo, the circumstantial evidence is pretty significant and damn convincing.  And with these two slimy characters, where’s there’s the least bit of smoke there is likely to be a roaring bonfire.  And the recent book, “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, has suggested while there was “no direct evidence” there is a pattern of transactions that should be sufficient to warrant, at a minimum, a legal probe of some kind.

And I found it downright disgusting that it was with a straight face that ‘old Slick’ was actually able to say, “I don’t know. You never know what people’s motives are, but in this case, I’m pretty sure that everybody that gave to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake saw what they saw on television, were horrified and wanted to make a difference,” he said, adding that he did not “think Hillary would know either.”  No, of course not, Hitlery wouldn’t have a clue as to why someone might be the least bit suspect about the motivation of these two unscrupulous and unethical crooks.

‘Slick’ gave the example of the government’s relationship with Boeing, saying the U.S. had always lobbied for American-made planes and that the government worked with the company while it was also donating to the foundation’s relief efforts for the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  He said, “She was pretty busy those years, and I don’t — I never saw her study a list of my contributors.”  He added, “No one has ever asked me for anything or any of that.”  Now keep in mind all of this nonsense is coming from the same guy who once wanted to quibble over what the meaning of ‘is’, is.

So I guess it’s simply assumed that we’ll except at face value everything we are told by this the sleaziest couple in America.  Now I’m pretty sure that your average Democrat will have no trouble swallowing, hook, line and sinker, anything that old ‘Slick’ may say, but then I think we all very well aware of the priorities of these folks.  That would be the making sure that their taxpayer funded welfare check keeps coming.  Democrats are the lowest form of life on this planet.  They are parasites.  Even ‘Slick’ and Hitlery are parasites, just uptown parasites.

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