Hitlery 47

So riddle me this.  What’s a lying sack of shit Democrat, who’s running for president, supposed to do when she has absolutely no record on which she can run and has none of the qualifications thought to be necessary for the job, nor expected to be possessed by those seeking the job of president?  And also, just how stupid does she think those folks who comprise the black community, really are?  Because believe it or not, one most certainly has very much to do with the other.

You see it was during just this past week, while in Houston, TX, at Southern University, a historically black college, that Democrat presidential candidate Hitlery Clinton took the opportunity to accuse several of the Republicans vying to be her opponent come 2016, including Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, of intentionally attempting to disenfranchise voters based on race, age and poverty level.  But I suppose such lunacy coming from Hitlery has come to be expected.

Hitlery said, “We have a responsibility to say clearly and directly what’s really going on in our country. Because what is happening is a sweeping effort to dis-empower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people, and young people from one end of our country to the other.”  So I guess what she’s really implying here is that those of us who think it should be a requirement for folks to identify themselves when voting are what, racist?  And yet, is it racist to have to identify oneself when boarding an airplane?

And Hitlery was rather specific in her accusations, saying, “Yet, unfortunately, today there are people who offer themselves to be leaders, whose actions have undercut this fundamental American principle. Here in Texas, former Governor Rick Perry signed a law that a federal court said was actually written with the purpose of discriminating against minority voters.”  You see, this is how Hitlery, and every other Democrat, operates.  When one has nothing to run on, simply slander the opposition.

And she went on to say, “He applauded when the voting rights act was gutted, and said the lost protections were outdated and unnecessary. But Governor Perry is hardly alone in his crusade against voting rights. In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker cut back early voting and signed legislation that would make it harder for college students to vote. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie vetoed legislation to extend early voting.”  So denying early voting is also to be seen as being racist?

And still she went on, saying, “And in Florida, when Jeb Bush was governor, state authorities conducted a deeply flawed purge of voters before the presidential election in 2000.  Thankfully in 2004, a plan to purge even more voters was headed off. So today, Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting. What part of democracy are they afraid of? I believe every citizen has the right to vote. And I believe we should do everything we can to make it easier for every citizen to vote.”

She added, “I call on Republicans at all levels of government, with all manner of ambition, to stop fear mongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud and start explaining why they’re so scared of letting citizens have their say.”   Who she ought be calling out are those within her own party, those who while they deny that voter fraud even exists as being a problem, seem to, at the same time, work to make it even easier and even actively encouraging it.

Look, Democrats have, going back 50 years or more, always banked on the ignorance of blacks in this country.  And the result has been Democrats have been very successful, electorally speaking.  This despite the fact that it’s the Democrat Party that has a history of supporting slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation.  And yet blacks have allowed themselves to be convinced into voting for the very party that still works to keep them enslaved, this time to a government that does not have their best interests at heart.

And so as obviously evidenced by Hitlery’s performance from this past week, there is little reason to think that that trend will come to an end anytime soon, and most definitely not within the next 18 month.  And like I said, this is the only thing that she’s got.  Looking back we see a Hitlery Clinton that was a less than impressive first lady, a failure as a U.S. Senator, and an absolute disaster as a secretary of state.  And yet, somehow, she still feels she’s qualified to be president?  Bizarre, just bizarre!


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