Hitlery 06

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “There they go again.”  This past Wednesday it was Democrat presidential hopeful Hitlery Clinton who was heard telling what must have been some of her more devoted followers, “We have come through some really tough economic times.”   And she then went on to say, “American families have made a lot of sacrifices,” noting that people lost jobs and homes and delayed college and retirement when the recession hit in 2008.  She neglected to mention, however, that it has been during the tenure of Barry “Almighty” that things have only gotten worse.

And it was then that she went on to imply to that same demented little group that none of those sacrifices that have become so necessary are the fault of our current president.  She said, “And I will say that there does seem to be a pattern. Democratic presidents — and there’s two in particular I’m thinking about — over the last 35 years seem to inherit a mess of problems. Have you noticed that?”  And then Hitlery said, “So then they have to dig us out of the ditches they find themselves in and put us back on the right track. And of course, I’m talking about Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”

She then proceeded to ask the crowd, “Are we going to hand over our country once again to the people and policies that crashed our economy before and that will shred the progress that we’ve made?”  Now I gotta ask you, just how ignorant must one be in order to actually believe such idiotic drivel?  Whose policies have been in place over the course of what has been the last seven years that have succeeded in reducing American economic forward progress to near zero?  Is that what Hitlery considers as being the right track?  I guess I’m not sure what old Hitlery is talking about.

Hitlery said that’s what her campaign is going to be about — “because we’re going to have to stand up to the people who want to keep the deck stacked in favor of those at the top.”  I just thought that it was a rather odd thing for her to say, especially since it is her own party that has worked, and continues to work, so hard to keep the deck to which she refers stacked against so many.  The reason being, of course, is that Democrats ‘need’ people to become increasingly dependent upon government, and it has been under Barry millions more have come to depend on government.

Now I will admit that Hitlery is quite right when she implies that the next president, whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, male or female, will most certainly inherit what can only be described as being a rather sizable “mess of problems.”  Of that there is very little doubt.  And the list is a rather long and quite impressive one.  It includes the rise of the Islamic State, the disintegration of Iraq, turmoil in the Middle East, tensions with Russia and China, a continuing troop presence in Afghanistan, to name only a few of the more important foreign policy concerns.

And it’s here at home that the economy and jobs remain a top concern of most Americans, according to a Gallup Poll conducted earlier this month. And was that same poll that showed Americans are more concerned about race relations than they were when Barry first took office. No surprise there especially after having witnessed Barry do all that he can to increase tension between the races for nothing but purely political purposes.  Other top worries of the American people include immigration/illegal aliens, and ethics/moral/religious decline.

And then of course there’s the problem of our growing national debt. When Barry first took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the total federal debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08. As of the close of business on May 26, 2015, it had risen to $18,152,327,453,268.84 — up $7,525,450,404,355.76 from Barry’s first inauguration day.  Talk about a rather impressive list of problems to be inherited!  Now that’s not to say that these things cannot be overcome, if the right person is elected.  After all, Reagan took the mess handed to him by Carter, and instead of whining, fixed things.

At the end of her speech, and in a message apparently intended for her only female rival thus far, Republican Carly Fiorina, Hitlery said, “No matter how hard this election or any election becomes, we should remember that, at the core, we can have disagreements — and we will. We have different governing philosophies. We have different views about what works and what the evidence shows works about economic policies. That’s all fair game.”  The evidence to which Hitlery likely refers, proves nothing more than what an abject failure leftist economic policies are.

And Hitlery went on to say, “But we should show more respect toward each other.”  But as we all know, when it comes to mutual respect, as far as Democrats like Hitlery are concerned, that’s pretty much a one way street.  Hitlery said the “core of every political campaign” should be “how we treat one another and how we care for this gift we have been given, the United States of America.”  I find more than a bit disingenuous whenever I hear someone like Hitlery, a devoted follower of Saul Alinsky, so determined in destroying our country, describe America as being a gift.

Fiorina also campaigned in South Carolina on Wednesday, and was heard criticizing Hitlery directly on a number of various policy issues.  Fiorina told reporters on the sidewalk outside the hotel where Hitlery would speak later, “I think we need a nominee who will ask her (Hitlery) these questions about trustworthiness, about transparency and about track record.”  In an interview on Wednesday with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Fiorina said she comes from a world where what you have actually done matters more than what you have said.

She said, “Actions speak louder than words. People want to know are your words and your actions consistent and are they consistent over time.  And so I think when 82 percent of the American people now believe that there is a professional political class more interested in preserving its own power and privilege than it is in serving the American people, people expect basic questions to be asked of anyone running for president.  What have you done?  Are you trustworthy?  Are you transparent?  Will you answer questions?”  But I wonder if people really do care.  I’d like to think so.

You know, it frightens me to think that there may now be enough people in this country who are convinced that Hitlery is just the right person to take the helm.  I wonder how it is that anyone can look at what has become of our country, both hear at home and abroad, during Barry’s time as president and can still come to the conclusion that things are going so well that it would be idiotic to change things now.  Actually what’s idiotic is to think it makes any amount of sense to keep things going as they have been for the last seven years.  If ever ‘change’ was needed, it’s NOW!


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